We’re a close knit family here at Lou Malnati’s.  We stand behind one another and support each other through the volatile journey we call life.  Highs or lows, good or bad – we ride it out with our employees and do what we can to help.  We take pride in the people we hire and come to think of them as a part of our family.  We also take pride in knowing our employees are strong, driven, positive and total rockstars.

Meagan Sunde

As Winston Churchill once said, “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.”  A positive attitude can get you through just about anything along with the help and support of those dear to you.  Meagan Sunde has been a part of the Malnati family for a little over 3 years.  After being diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer she made the choice to stay positive and keep her spirits high.  Not only are we proud of her attitude and courage, we’re proud to call her family.

The following is from the Northwest Herald article that featured her story:

If she doesn’t pick up, Meagan Sunde’s callers hear a cheery voice mail greeting. “Hi, this is Meagan. I’m feeling good and looking forward to talking to you.”

When she was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer, Sunde had a neighbor at her house with a bouquet of flowers that night, she said. “As a survivor, you can’t get through what you go through without love and support of your friends, family, neighbors, co-workers,” the Huntley woman said. “So many people called to check in on me.”

A mother of two and married for 20 years, Sunde said she made sure to keep positive and hopeful when telling her kids. “My tone was definitely ‘We’re going to beat this, guys,’ ” she said. “We’re going to fight it; we’re going to do everything we can through prayer, our faith, our friends. I never wanted to get to the sad, dark hole.”

After all, she had beaten cancer once before. At 18 years old, Sunde was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma. It was her second time with it all – the chemo, the radiation – yet she remains incredibly positive. She has been in remission since April and goes in every three months to meet with an oncologist. “I don’t know what tomorrow is going to bring, but I’m hopeful,” she said.

Meagan Sunde and Mike Sterner
Meagan with Lou Malnati’s District Manager, Mike Sterner

We’re hopeful for the future too, Meagan – you’re an inspiration to us all.