Every mother has their signature dish that helps ease their families rumbling tummies.  Growing up, I always looked forward to Wednesday spaghetti nights.  Wednesday’s were great – we were half way through the week, making plans for the weekend and Mom was cooking up spaghetti… life was good.  Even if the week was off to a rough start, we could always count on having a nice home cooked meal and some great family conversation come Wednesday.

These days, families seem to be a bit busier than before.  There are houses to maintain, kids to drop off at sporting events, friends to keep up with and animals to take care of… sometimes it’s hard to find the time to cook up a nice meal to get everyone around the table come suppertime.  For those days when it’s hard to even think about boiling a pot of water, give Mama Malnati a call.  We’ll help you provide a nice, fresh, home cooked meal for you and your family.  Whether you want help catering for a party or some pasta and salad for a Tuesday night dinner – we’ve got you covered.

We know we’re known for our delicious deep dish pizza, but have you tried the other goodies on our menu?  Believe it or not, pizza isn’t the only thing we’re good at making – Penne ala Malnati pasta, Lasagna, Beef Sandwiches, salads and more.  Mama Malnati has delicious recipes for everyone at the table.  So now that we have you thinking about it – what are your plans for dinner?