When it comes to St. Patrick’s Day, Chicagoans don’t mess around.

Lou Malnati's Spinach PizzaIf you’re headed downtown this weekend for the festivities, here’s a rundown of what to expect, and of course, where you can find your Lou Malnati’s pizza fix:

Saturday, March 11th will kick off with the River Dyeing at 9am.

The best views can be found between Michigan Ave and Columbus Drive, but plan to get there early for the best spot! After you’re seeing green (in the river, that is) head to Lou Malnati’s River North for lunch. Located at 439 North Wells, it’s just about a mile away from the action.

The party continues with the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade, scheduled to start at 12pm.

Lou Malnati's deep dish pizzaThe route starts at Balbo Ave and Columbus Drive, and will continue north to Monroe Street. The party doesn’t have to end with the parade, though! Lou Malnati’s South Loop is located just a few blocks from the route at 805 South State Street – a short walk when you know you’re close to eating deep dish pizza!

There you have it! Whether you’re headed to the river dyeing, the parade, or you’re just eating pizza, we hope you enjoy the Chicago St. Patrick’s Day festivities this weekend!

Photo credit: @cheekyeats and @kelseyfairholm