Ever wondered how to make a deep dish pizza?

Today’s your lucky day because we’re going to share our secrets for how to make the quintessential Chicago-style deep dish pizza, our Malnati Chicago Classic!

  1. How to make a deep dish pizzaEvery Malnati Chicago Classic starts with our secret recipe dough, patted out by hand and raised up high on the sides of a seasoned deep dish pizza pan.
  2. Next, slices of mozzarella cheese (a little extra cheese on the Malnati Chicago Classic!) are placed directly on the dough.
  3. And now, the good stuff…we layer our exclusive blend of lean sausage on the pizza, completely covering the cheese.
  4.  The pizza is then topped with vine-ripened tomato sauce, a little chunky and a little saucy, the perfect topping for this authentic Chicago-style deep dish pizza.
  5.  The final touch is an extra sprinkling of cheese and spices, and this pizza is ready for the oven.
  6. A pizza this good takes some time to bake, about 30 minutes, but be patient…it’s worth the wait!
  7. Grab your knife and fork and dig in!

Watch how to make our Malnati Chicago Classic in this video with one of our expert pizza makers…

And that’s how you make a deep dish pizza!

Now who’s ready for a slice of that Malnati Chicago Classic?