So many thoughts race through our minds on a daily basis that sometimes it’s hard to process everything.  One thought triggers another and another and another… they keep building up until finally we stumble upon a thought that hasn’t really crossed us in a while.  What triggers that for you?  I received a postcard from my Dad the other day – completely out of the blue.  He lives in Hawai’i 7 months out of the year and left Chicago at the end of July so communication between us has been sparse…

I thought of you when I saw this card.  Thinking of you.

The postcard had a picture on it of Hawai’i’s State Fish – a humuhumunukunukuapua’a, also known as a Picasso Triggerfish and my favorite fish.  Being that I haven’t seen him since the end of July, it was definitely a pleasant surprise to receive the postcard as well as to hear I crossed his mind.  How often do you just stop and send a simple “hey there” to a friend or family member?  This day and age, communication is so easy and thoughtless yet we’ve stopped communicating in ways that were once the primary source.  When was the last time you received or even sent a postcard or letter?

For some it’s a tradition – my Aunt who lives down in Georgia has made sure to send a birthday card through the mail to every niece, nephew, brother and sister-in-law on their birthday for as long as I can remember.  Not a birthday goes by that we’re not sent a greeting and a wish for a great day.  I’m not even sure people who go on vacation pick postcards up and mail them out anymore.  If they want to communicate, they hop on Facebook, update their status saying how much fun they’re having and then go on to their next activity.  Maybe they’ll send an email to their friends or family and update them a little bit about their travels but who really sends a written postcard?  Receiving an email is great, but receiving a written letter or postcard is, well… it warms the soul.

Lou’s knows that the feeling a child gets when receiving mail is insurmountable.  Their parents get mail all the time but once a letter or postcard comes for them; they can’t help but be happy and excited.  We try to make our birthday club members feel special with each and every card we send out via mail.  Lou’s Kid’s Birthday Club members receive a birthday card in the mail around the date of their birthday with a special gift.  It’s just our way of saying “hi” and wishing them a very happy birthday…  Something that’s a little more personal, makes their day a little more special and, of course, tasty.

If you would like to sign your child up for the Birthday Club, click here.