Lollapalooza 2018 kicks off on August 2nd and runs through August 5th in Grant Park. Nothing beats seeing your favorite bands live at Lolla, but

Make sure you’re staying energized with some hot, fresh Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza!

We bring our ovens to Chow Town every year so we are able to serve you the hottest, freshest, most filling food at the festival! Whether you’re a Chicago native or a visitor coming to jam to your favorite bands, you’ll love chowing down on a slice of cheesy deep dish pizza in between sets.

Just like Lollapalooza, Lou Malnati’s pizza is a Chicago staple, so why not bring the two together this weekend?! For only $4 a slice, our hearty deep dish pizza is well-equipped to keep you happy, satisfied, and energized so you can take in the whole Lolla scene and all the artists around you through the long four day festival.

Stop by our booth for a slice!