If you were to ask a Lou Malnati fan when they first tried our deep-dish, you’ll probably get one of two answers: 1) They’ll be able to tell you when it was and which location they were at, or 2) “I’ve grown up with it”.  Lou Malnati’s has become a family tradition for many and we couldn’t be prouder.  Lou Malnati’s is a family owned business that cares about its customers and goes the extra mile in providing excellent customer service and delicious deep-dish pizza.  That’s how it’s been since 1971 when Lou opened the first location in Lincolnwood.  Now, on the verge of our 40th anniversary and 30 restaurants later, we’re still committed to providing our customers with excellent food and customer service – and that extends from coast to coast! Lou Malnati’s began shipping its pizzas all over the country in 1987. The service was initially offered during the holidays to satisfy Malnati fans that relocated outside of Chicago. After 10 years of shipping our famous deep dish, we realized that ex-Chicagoans craved even more of the Windy City’s favorite foods. It was then that we partnered with other fine restaurateurs in Chicago to provide our outta-towners with the best tastes Chicago has to offer. This was the start of a tasty collaboration now known as Lou Malnati’s Tastes of Chicago. Tastes of Chicago offers hometown Chicago favorites including: Eli’s cheesecakeVienna Beef hot dogsPortillo’s Italian beefLong Grove Confectionery‘s apple pies and chocolates, Manny’s Deli corned beef, Wildfire steaks, and more!  Gift packages are also available for any occasion along with virtual gift cards, apparel and other merchandise from Lou’s and select vendors.

Now, over 20 years later, Tastes of Chicago ships more than 250,000 pizzas throughout the year. Lou Malnati’s pizza remains the most popular item shipped and we think that’s because deep dish pizza just isn’t the same anywhere outside sweet home Chicago!