On Tuesday, August 13th Lou’s sampled to over 100 coaches and volunteers as part of Northbrook Park District’s volunteer appreciation night.

Coaches, volunteers, and the Northbrook Park District were super appreciative of Lou’s contribution and partnership with their local sports and youth programs!

Lou’s helped to sponsor North Center Chamber of Commerce’s Summer Concert Series located near our Lincoln Square location on Wednesday, August 14th.

With a brass band on hand, Lou’s sampled out over 200 slices to many Lincoln Square locals who enjoyed having Lou’s there!

Lou’s was back in Northbrook on Friday, August 16th to participate in the BJBE Shabbat in the Park Pizza Wars.

Unfortunately, one hour into the event it started to downpour but that didn’t stop us! Lou’s continued to sample pizza inside during that time and was a clear crowd favorite. Some of the other local pizza vendors include: Judy’s Pizza, MOD Pizza, and Sarpino’s among others. All remaining pizzas were then taken over to the local BJBE Temple as we sampled out over 300 slices of pizza. Many people shared their stories of Lou’s and being a customer since the early Lincolnwood days!

On Saturday, August 17th Lou’s was in Aurora to participate in the Iron Horse Rally to defeat ALS.

With over 100 motorcyclists riding 60+ miles in the pouring rain, they were excited to be welcomed with Lou’s pizza. With over 150 people in attendance, all were super grateful to have Lou’s come out and Lou’s was delighted to help donate to a wonderful cause!